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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a dynamic, forward-thinking, and proven methodology for improving businesses in a range of industries and even individual departments. Over the years, the tried and tested strategies implemented as part of a Lean Six Sigma course have helped to change minds and influence working cultures. Lean strategies work to encourage you and your employees to ask the right questions in your workplace:

Are We Doing Things The Best Way?
How Could We Improve?

By constantly evolving, developing, and reviewing your working practices, you can ensure that your business continues to move in the right direction.

Six Sigma Training

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Thanks to Lean & Six Sigma training courses, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to measure and enhance your business. Contrary to believe it’s not just for manufacturing, its for any business and will help evolve your entire business. Becoming Six Sigma certified can help your team to grow and develop your company, whatever it’s size.

Using Lean Six Sigma strategies, you’ll be able to enhance your business, eliminate waste and encourage efficiency across your company. While Lean & Six Sigma are two separate methodologies, they are combined to create a truly effective and practical strategy to enhance your business.

Six Sigma Training

Whatever your role in a company, effective Six SIgma methodology and practical training can dynamically enhance your department and your business as a whole. Whether you’re a project manager, department manager, part of a Human Resources department or even a member of the sales team, Six Sigma and Lean Practices will play a huge role in how you view your business and any issues you are facing.

What is even more important is that you’ll be able to look for new opportunities to evolve and upgrade your business.

lean six sigma training courses

Whether you’re looking to improve your company as a whole, a specific department or even deal with large problems which may seem insurmountable, Lean Six Sigma is the way forward. Whether you already suspect how to evolve your business, but you lack the tools to do it, or you’re struggling to understand why your business or department is struggling, we are here for you.

Asking the Right Questions, with Lean Six Sigma

The business management strategies of Lean Six Sigma can help you to identify weakness and overcome any issues you might be struggling with. Whether you’re suffering from common business problems such as failing to deliver on-time, a below-quality product or service or struggling to keep your budgets in control, our training courses are here for you. We can help you to understand your business’ unique needs, difficulties and more and recommend the right Lean Six Sigma courses.

An important part of Lean Six Sigma is asking the right questions, and being equipped with the tools to answer them. Some of the most important questions that you should be asking yourself include:

When things in your business aren’t right, how do we investigate what went wrong? How do we identify where it went wrong? How can we, as a company and as individuals, put new systems and processes in place to stop these problems developing again? Should we introduce Permanent Correct Actions (PCAs) to allow our business to constantly evolve? How do we move our company forward with Continuous Improvement (CI) commitments?

Ultimately, how do change mindsets and the working culture in our business to encourage growth, solve problems and drive success?

Lean Six Sigma isn’t just about looking what has gone wrong with your business. It’s just as important to focus on your customer’s values. It isn’t just a matter of customer service or product attributes – thanks to Lean and Six Sigma, you’ll be able to develop a deeper understating of your customers or clients. Once you understand your customers, you’ll be able to dynamically improve your business and workplace with their goals and ideals in mind.

How Does Lean Six Sigma Work?

Six Sigma methodology focuses on developing “variations” within everyday processes. Any processes or tasks, performed on a regular basis, become the driving force or framework of your business or department. By using the techniques of Lean Six Sigma, you’ll be able to identify opportunities to enhance your daily working, with the goal of evolving and improving your business.

Its important to understand that all processes and businesses have variations over time. An important part of Six Sigma is understanding how these variations develop, and how they can be improved or encouraged to drive growth and efficiency. Thanks to the skills you’ll receive as part of a Lean Six Sigma training course, you’ll be able to understand and review these variations with regards to your business as a whole.

If you don’t establish the root causes of your business’ changes, you have the risk of suffering increased costs, timing failures and reduced quality. Being able to understand the variations of your everyday business can help you to retain control of your company and ensure you are moving your business in the right direction. Lean Six Sigma is an effective way of driving your business forward.

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lean six sigma training
lean and six sigma training courses

The DMAIC Roadmap for Success:

Sales Training International’s Six Sigma course provides you with a DMAIC roadmap to help you develop your business. Understanding the benefits that this DMAIC roadmap can provide to your business is an integral part of making the right choices when it comes to strategizing for your company.

Define the Problem – First of all, you need to look at the whole process, or even just a segment of the process, to define your problems. As part of this step, you could also look at what your customers expect from you, which you currently aren’t offering.

Measure the Severity of the Problem – You need to understand how bad the problems in your business are. This step is about collecting data and information on the stage of the process which has a problem. You could also collect data from customers to understand what it is they actually want from your business.

Analyse the Cause of Your Problems – It is important that you understand the cause of your problems, including the identification of thematic issues. Use the information you obtained in the previous step to understand where the blockage or difficulties are in your business.

Improve the Process – Once you know what is wrong, you need to review and attempt to understand how you can change it. It can be a good idea to run a pilot on your process to understand how minor variations will have a larger impact on your system.

Control the Changes – Once you’ve instigated the variations and improvements, you need to make certain that you are actively controlling the changes. Control remains the permanent phase of an effective Six Sigma strategy. You need to continuously track essential data and evolve your company to drive innovation and development.

In short, Lean Six Sigma applies science to consistently drive and improve results.

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology which allows you to focus on waste within the business and, specifically, the processes which are performed to provide a service or product. Every process will have waste, whether that includes waste materials, wasted costs, or wasted time. The main goal of Lean, particularly associated with Six Sigma, is to eradicate or reduce waste throughout your business.

An important part of Lean Six Sigma is directly listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC). Thanks to this methodology, you’ll be able to establish what the customer really requires from your business. By developing a commercial strategy which is paramount to your customers and the products or services you provide, you can continue to improve your business. 

You need to ensure that you keep a clear head about your company’s abilities to fulfill your customers needs. Using Lean practices, you can optimise your business for your product and your customers, develop a strategy to eliminate waste and ensure you’re working as effectively as possible. If you want to drive your business forward and avoid failing your customers, these specialist training courses are essential.

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Lean & Six Sigma Training Courses

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The Benefits Of Lean & Six Sigma

Six Sigma Training

Why Choose Sales Training International for Lean Six Sigma Courses?

At Sales Training International, we proud to offer a diverse range of courses focused on Lean Six Sigma in the workplace. Whether you’re looking to improve your business, a specific department or even implement the strategies of Lean Six Sigma as part of your sales strategy, we are here for you. Just some of the reasons Sales Training International is one of the world’s most popular providers of Six Sigma Courses include:

  • We offer CPD Qualification Across Our Training Courses.
  • We’re Incredibly proud of our 95% pass rate.
  • We’re committed to our students. Instead of quick, non-certified qualifications, we ensure that all our delegates are fully-equipped with the right knowledge, tools and mentoring to integrate their new skills into the workplace.
  • We continue to work with international clients to implement Lean Six Sigma across the world. Some of our international clients include Ministry of Defence, Vodafone, ICBC Bank, Heathrow Airport and many more.

Six Sigma Tutor Support & Certification

At Sales Training International, we’re proud to offer an effective, tutor-led six sigma course to suit your needs. These training courses are designed to help your team achieve six sigma certification quickly and effectively. Thanks to our experienced tutors’ support, your team will be ready to start improving your business and reducing waste extremely quickly.

Whether you’re looking for green belt, yellow belt or black belt six sigma education, we are here for you. Effective training can help your business to grow, develop and save money, all while reducing waste across administration, manufacturing and transportation procedures. For more information on our training courses and supportive tutors, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Whether you’re looking to become accredited as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, or even a Master Black belt in Lean Six Sigma tools, we are here to help. At Sales Training International, we can provide leading training to help you develop your skills as a lean practitioner, and help you become accredited as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Yellow Belt or Black Belt. Using engaging learning from our trusted tutors, in addition to the most accepted lean Six Sigma methodology, you’ll be able to drive profitability, customer satisfaction and eliminate costly waste from businesses of all kinds.

Six Sigma certification is an important part of modern management styles for businesses of all sales. Whether you need to educate regional managers or department heads on the latest in effective strategies and techniques, get in touch today. As an international provider of training courses, we can provide six sigma training in a wide range of languages, in addition to in-person and virtually.

Book Your Six Sigma Training Today

Here at Sales Training International, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of Lean & Six Sigma training courses for businesses of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for in-house or online six sigma training courses, we are here for you.

Six Sigma Certification is a proven way of improving any business’ profitability. Thanks to Yellow, Green and Black Belt Sigma training, you’ll be able to instigate company-wide strategies to help you save money and reduce waste.

Whether you’ve already started on your company’s Six Sigma journey, or you’re just starting to save money and improve profitability with Lean & Six Sigma, we are here for you.

For more information on our diverse range of training courses, including online or in-house Six Sigma certification, get in touch today. You can reach our experienced team today by calling +44 (0) 1704 889325. If you prefer, you can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you at a time that is convenient for you. 

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