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What is Business Coaching?

Our experienced team of coaches are here to help you with industry leading business coaching for yourself or your business. Our team of results-orientated coaches can help you to turn any issue into a success. Whether you’re looking for specialist sales coaching to help the sales team improve leads or conversions, executive coaching to help realign strategy, leadership coaching to help the teams perform to their optimum strength or lean / agile coaching to help you eliminate waste and improve profitability, we are here for you.

Business Coaching can help small, medium and large businesses from any industry, in a variety of ways.

First of all, an experienced coach or team of coaches will assess the current situation objectively and help you to understand the reality of the situation at present. We will then help you identify clear SMART goals to help you move forward. We will discuss a variety of options to help you achieve your goals and make sure a step-by-step plan is in place to keep you accountable for the results.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching can help you to improve your lead generation, sales conversions and marketing strategy, which will in turn improve profitability. Whether you rely on face-to-face meetings, cold calling, telesales or social selling, effective sales coaching is essential. Here at Sales Training International, our experienced sales coaching team can help you to develop your business, identify new opportunities and increase your personal and business brand.

See why Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, believes all businesses should take advantage of professional business coaching from a reputable sales coaching company!

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Executive coaching works with the c-suite to look at strategy and change and ensure that what you are proposing and how you are proposing will have the desired impact. It will also help you align your thoughts and strategy to what the business needs – ensuring the very best outcome.

Leadership coaching can help with a wide range of issues ranging from imposter syndrome through to motiving yourself and your team for maximum results.

Lean and agile coaching can help you assess issues with business processes, on projects or with service etc. and ensure moving forward they are redesigned to be as timely and cost effective as possible.

Our trusted business coaching is an essential tool to help your business survives industry changes, including new technologies, a changing audience and more. As you can see, we offer a diverse range of business coaching services to suit all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-off coaching session, or a long-term coaching partnership to help you succeed, we are here for you.

For more information on how our business coaching or sales coaching services can help you and your business, get in touch with Sales Training International today!

Business Coaching
Business Coaching
Our Approach To Business Coaching

At Sales Training International, we focus on delivering executive, leadership and sales coaching to all our clients. As part of our coaching process, we work to bring out the confidence and competence of those we coach through:

  • Understanding the organisation’s goals and / or your own personal goals
  • Creating a clear picture of where an individual wants and needs to be in line with those goals
  • Assessing where you are now and what is preventing you from where you want to be
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and motivations to help you get to the desired destination
  • Developing practical strategies for achieving success
  • Instilling accountability to ensure you achieve the desired changes

Coaching is forward-looking and goal-focused. Coaching sessions would be based around the GROW model.

Goals – What are the Coachee’s Career Goals (short, medium and long-term)?

Reality – What is the Coachee’s current situation? What do they need to be doing now to put themselves in the best place to move forward?

Options – What are the options the Coaches have to progress in their career/goals? What decisions need to be made and how to make the most of the options available?

Way Forward – What specific actions will be taken as a result of this coaching session, who needs to be engaged internally to help support actions, how and when will actions be evaluated?

We also look at sustaining success on a long-term basis.

As part of our coaching, we will work with you to develop formal, practical plans at the Way Forward stage. This stage will define clear actions to be taken, which will then be reviewed for their impact on the company in question.

Coaching can be face-to-face or via virtual through online platforms such as Zoom or Teams.

Sessions usually last from 60-90 minutes

Linking To Internal Processes

For coaching to be successful we prefer to link it to your internal processes, such as performance management, company values and strategy etc. We find by doing this, it creates a more focused, bespoke program. Our experienced team are committed to delivering a truly valuable, practical coaching service to help your business grow, develop and increase profitability.

Benefits Of Coaching
  • Creates a positive environment where you can take time out to reflect on current performance and future goals.
  • Coaching is 100% focused on your needs.
  • It highlights key areas of development so that personal and professional objectives are aligned.
  • It guides the formulation of performance improvement strategies that ‘allow’ leaders to develop skills, attitudes and behaviours in a learning environment.
  • Challenges existing ‘poor’ practises and limiting beliefs that may be detrimental to an individual’s progression.
  • Ensures specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound goals are created and actioned that allow continuous improvement to take place far beyond the duration of the coaching programme.
  • It can help you get from “good” to “great” and achieve more in less time.
  • It encourages accountability and sustained improvement

Our main aim is to provide support where you can fulfil your potential through increased confidence and a clearer understanding of what you can do to add value to the business whilst achieving your own aspirations.

How We Deliver It
  • Each coaching session can be 60 or 90 minutes. You can have them weekly, biweekly, monthly or even a one-off session.
  • When you begin your coaching journey, we suggest you buy a block of 6 hours. The reason we suggest this, is our experience shows it takes at least 6 sessions to yield measurable results.
  • After this we sell them in blocks of 3 hours. You can of course just have induvial sessions.
  • The most common way of delivering the coaching session is remotely, via a service such as Zoom or Teams.
  • If a client has more than 6 people who require coaching and they are happy to have their sessions on the same day, we can offer a face to face option.
  • We charge between £150 – £275 per session depending on the coach and the level of coaching.

Our Coaches

We have 10 great coaches from a selection of backgrounds, including:

  • Head of Learning and Development of an International Bank
  • Managing Director of an International Consultancy Company.
  • Head of Crisis Management for the World Health Organisation
  • Manager of Heathrow Airport
  • Head of Lean Six Sigma at Ford Motor Company
  • Chief Constable Ministry of Defence Police
  • International Head of Sales for IBM
  • Head of Finance for National Health
  • MBA lead at London Business School
  • Deloitte-Qualified Chartered Accountant
  • Head of Marketing

All of our coaches hold professional coaching qualifications as well as complementary qualification in subjects such as NLP, Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Profiling etc.

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