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Here at Sales Training International, we are proud to offer bespoke business consultancy services to suit your needs. Our experienced team are dedicated to helping our clients’ businesses succeed, whatever their size or industry. Bespoke, well-researched business consultancy can be the key difference between success and failure, profitability and loss. Thanks to our team’s many years’ experience in a diverse range of industries, we can pair you with the perfect business consultant to suit your needs.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are proud to offer short, focused and high-value consultancy interventions to fit your business. These strategic meetings will contain useful, bespoke advice for your business. Whether you’re struggling to make sales, get leads, experiencing organisational issues or any other business issue requiring specialist business consultancy, we are here to help.

Our business consultancy services are a combination of training, consulting, coaching and practical advice to help your business grow and succeed. All our business consultancy services are designed to work with you on specific problems, not general business issues. We will consult with you until your business has overcome your most serious concerns.

Whether you’re struggling with organisational issues, technological difficulties, lead generation and sales, problems with your marketing or other issues, we are here for you. Our independent, expert consultants offer an objective, realistic view of your business. Our standard consultancies can be anywhere from 1 day to 30 days, depending on your needs. We do not follow the “land and expand” model of larger agencies – meaning you work with multiple changing consultants and ever-increasing costs!

Sales Training’s business consultants  believe in developing relationships with our clients. That means you’ll never be swapped between consultants unless your specific difficulties drastically change. If dedicated training or regular coaching is required as part of your business consultancy, your consultant will normally take care of that personally.

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    Specialist Business Consultancy

    Whether you’re struggling with one major problem, and you don’t have the resources to overcome it, or you need help with multiple issues, we are here for you. At Sales Training International, our team have many years’ experience when it comes to dealing with commercial issues of all kinds. We can work with you to overcome organisational issues, technological problems and other serious business concerns.

    We work with you to increase your sales pipeline and sales conversions. We can help you formulate a social media sales strategy. We work with marketing departments to ensure they are aligned with the business brand and working effectively with the sales teams to increase brand awareness and inbound leads. We work with organisations to help them become more lean, agile and improve processes, whilst reducing time and costs. We work with leaders of all levels to implement change, strategy and increase staff engagement. We also work with HR departments to write competencies, introduce performance management,  review practices such as recruitment, diversity etc. We can also help with mental health and staff wellbeing. We can also work with your organisation to review its financial strategy.

    Over the years, we’ve worked with small, medium, and large businesses of improve their profitability in a wide range of industries. As we offer an international service, and various languages our business consultancy has proven essential for British, American, European, African, and Asian companies, in addition to companies in the Middle East.

    Wherever you’re located, we’re able to offer face-to-face or virtual business consultancy services to suit your needs. We are dedicated to delivering the very best service to all our clients.

    Whether you require a brief consultancy service to overcome one particular issue, or long-term guidance and support – we are here for you. Our commercial experience is second-to-none.

    If you’re ready to solve your business’ most serious problems and improve short and long-term profitability, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! At Sales Training International, we can provide a complete range of business consultancy services to suit your needs. For more information on our wide range of business consultancy services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Our consultants have all held senior roles in industry, such as:
    • Head of learning and development for various banks
    • Senior partner at Deloitte
    • Group audit and risk director
    • Head of HR
    • Head of lean and six sigma for Ford
    • Global finance director
    • Board member of blue-chip company
    • Chairperson on international charity
    • Companion of IIM (Institute of interim management)
    We offer consultancy in:
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Benchmarking and organisational gap analysis
    • Strategy and policy development
    • Talent management and development
    • Employee engagement strategy
    • Evaluation of the impact of professional development
    • Lean and continuous improvement
    • Change management
    • Project and programme management
    • Finance
    • Risk and management control
    • Bid writing and bid management
    • Human resources
    We can provide support with:
    • An outside viewpoint when making tough decisions;
    • Facilitated solution development workshops and/or “critical friend” reviews of options to assure clarity of thinking;
    • Fresh perspectives that reduce the risk of being so close to the challenge that you miss an easier solution;
    • Experience from other companies and industries about what has worked (or not) for similar problems in the past;
    • Strategy formulation or project scoping and initiation;
    • Quality assurance and risk reviews of ongoing change or implementation programmes.

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    Telesales Training
    Customer Service Training
    Business & Personal Skills Training
    Performance Management Training
    Communication Skills Training


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    Leadership Coaching
    High Potential Coaching
    Improvement Coaching
    Social Media Coaching
    Executive Coaching
    Strategic Coaching

    Virtual Training

    International Virtual Training Courses
    Online, Virtual Workshops
    Pre-Recorded Training Courses
    Bespoke Virtual Training
    Virtual Conference Speaking
    Virtual Training Game

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