10 Great Apps to Improve Your Business

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10 Free Apps That Will Benefit Your Business


Luckily there are many great tools that are easily installed both onto your desktop or mobile device that can make your life a lot easier when running a business or doing your job. From creating and scheduling content to managing your finances – there will be an app for you. Many people find desktop software great, when in the office, but we are not always in the office, so apps can be more flexible and be accessed on-the-go, no matter where you are.

Here are 10 great apps that we find are the most beneficial for business tasks that are free of charge and easily installed onto your device or desktop.


Otter. AI

Otter.ai is a helpful tool that records your meetings, important notes and generates them into an automatic summary for you to save or share as a word document outside of the application. The aim of the app is to reduce wasted time and effort from typing out transcripts or writing your own notes and instead, letting the app do it for you and email it to you.


Focus Keeper

Inspired by the pomodoro technique, Focus Keeper is an easy to use, customizable pomodoro timer that helps you with task management. The aim of this app is to help you focus on tasks you are working on by breaking down your work into intervals, which are separated by short breaks in between, for maximum concentration and focus.



Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media content such as infographics, presentations, flyers, videos and many other visuals. This popular application already includes ready made templates, images and elements with many easy-to-follow tutorials to help you create amazing content. There is also an option to schedule your content to your social media channels as well as collaborate visually in the classroom.



Mailchimp is an all in one marketing platform that allows you to build a strong database, create great email marketing campaigns and track analytics and results. The app offers a selection of useful tools to help reach your business growth goals, manage your clients / customers and focus on a healthy content management practice.



One of the best social media management scheduling platforms. Hootsuite is adapted to help businesses reach their customers more efficiently across different platforms and gain a good insight of analytics. Hootsuite is a great tool to easily schedule and post your social media content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and other platforms all from one place, with a great organised layout that is easy to navigate and use.



Veed is a web-based video editing platform that allows you to record, create, edit, convert, compress, store and share your videos all in one place. It has a huge library of stock videos, audio and templates that are ready to use to easily create professional looking videos. It also has an automatic subtitle feature where you can customise and generate subtitles for your content.



Wondershare Anireel

Effortlessly create animated videos from scratch or use the ready made templates, elements and scenes that can be found in the library. Wondershare anireel also continuously updates their assets and features such as customizable characters, animations and props, so you have a wide selection of choice when it comes to your video. Another great feature is the text-to-speech option you have where you can select a language, gender, voice pitch and speed for your video speakers.



Xero is a popular online accounting software platform available to help businesses with payments, invoicing and VAT returns. It makes it easy to track and pay your bills on time and is aimed towards small to medium sized businesses.



PayPal is a great financial tool that helps you manage your transactions online by linking your bank account to a PayPal account and adding/withdrawing from a secure money pool. You are able to shop with many retailers through a paypal account and you are able to checkout faster, safer and more easily than you would elsewhere. You can also send invoices and make payments very easily internationally.



Still the best virtual communication app for internal and external meetings and presentations, Zoom has become extremely popular after COVID when there was a rise of remote working. This application is used mostly by businesses to host meetings, interviews and for any kind of communication that can be done at a desk. It is a great app to have installed for on the go calls and last minute meetings as it can all be done through your mobile device. It also supports up to 100 participants free of charge!


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