Sales Training for Essar Oil

The Client

Essar Oil are a global green energy provider, employing over 60,000 people in 29 countries. They are a leading player in the oil and chemical industry.


They had a B2B and B2C sales team and business analysts who needed guidance in a more formal sales structure, specifically relating to their industry and clients. They wanted increase opportunities outside the ones provided for them. They also want to reduce the margins on negotiations and rely more on variables rather than price.

The Solution

We started by understand the different roles and client base. We then write a bespoke sales training course which was focussed on a simple sales process, looking for opportunities within their existing client base and agreeing variables they could negotiation with other than price. We wrote bespoke case studies for them to work though, based on past clients -so they were as real life as possible.

We delivered the training several times.  We also left them with comprehensive follow-on material.

After the training confidence was high and the feedback was they now understood how to approach different types of clients, were to look for extra leads and the biggest breakthrough was they no longer felt they needed to negotiate on price.

Client Testimonial

“The sales Training gave us an excellent insight into the full sales process, breaking it down into various manageable steps. The scenarios were very relevant to the business and there was an adequate mix of role play activities, case studies along with the theory behind the sales process. The trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which was important for engagement and concentration. The supporting materials were very thorough and contained a wealth of relevant information to use as a follow up.”

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