Top Tips for Email Prospecting

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1. Write as you speak – not too formal. Imagine you are in on the phone to them or in front of them. A good way to check it is read it out aloud before you send it – does it sound right?

2. Write for them and not you – People don’t care what you want or what you have to say, they care about what’s in in for them. Put yourself in their shoes.


3. Ask for help / feedback – Ask your customers what they think of your service, or maybe to answer a few questions – but make sure you reward them for their time, perhaps a discount voucher or access to a free download etc. People generally like to help.


4. Sell the problem – not the solution. What can you do to make their life better, save money, save time etc. Don’t talk product or service talk how it can make something better for them. No one cares about you and your company


5. Keep it short – short enough that you’re able to read it on your cell phone without scrolling.


6. Know your target market – Figure out who you’re really targeting and why, without this information you are simply guessing and hoping.


7. You are not selling – Don’t prospect over email to make a sale, prospect to start a conversation away from email.


8. Give to get – Don’t be afraid to give away as much as you can. If you keep giving, asking for something becomes really easy. It also shows off what you can offer. As a good rule give away 20% so they have a good feel for the remaining 80 they are paying for.


9. Cut through the noise – you are up against a lot of the same and people are overwhelmed and distracted. Great headers. Short emails. Something free. What can you do others can’t? You only get a brief chance to capture the attention and hearts of the people we seek to serve.

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