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There has never been a better time to go ‘all in’ with Linkedin in 2020.

Many highly experienced social media commentators are suggesting that Linkedin today is like Facebook 10 years ago. With this fact, comes a big opportunity for gaining low cost, high impact, attention.

Marketers have known for many years, the value of keeping personal and business profiles up to date in Linkedin. Regular updates ensure that key company messages are read and shared, far and wide. With a highly targeted and focused audience, who are in exactly the right mindset when they surf Linkedin, the increased awareness and engagement is unsurprising.

What might be more surprising is how Linkedin has now become an effective sales channel for digitally savvy individuals and brands. With this opportunity, comes words of caution. Whilst sales are possible, it’s not about simply selling.

Similar to traditional sales techniques, the cold calling, spam-style, unsolicited approach is as unwelcome to your potential customers in Linkedin, as it is in the real world. Yet many people continue to try and consequently become blocked and ignored as you would expect.

So where can you begin to sell via Linkedin?

The answer is in creating a pull towards your profile, be that your personal or business page. The pull comes from giving your audience reasons to engage and buy, rather than selling to them. This can be achieved by striking an appropriate balance in the content and updates you write and share.

Yes, it’s about engaging images and video clips but it’s also about helping your potential customer to get to know you, share relevant third party content and then offer great value from the sales-focused messages you publish. When you audience in Linkedin understands that you are providing great outcomes, on their terms and for their benefit, rather than your own, then you will begin to sell.

Linkedin has re-imagined the sales process and today is the day to make a start and ensure that it’s you who benefits, rather than your competitor. For more information on our Linkedin Training, contact our team without delay. 

In our LinkedIn™ for Sales workshops you leave being able to answer:

  • How and why I should use LinkedIn
  • What I will improve in my personal profile
  • How I will gain Attention, Engagement and Impact
  • How I will attract the right connections
  • Best practice I will use throughout 2020
  • What content I will create for my Storytelling
  • My rule of thirds

LinkedIn™ selling can be run as a standalone course or incorporated into any of our sales training courses:

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