50 Ways to Increase your Sales

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      1. Prospects buy from people that they know, like and trust. What are you doing to build up your credibility?
      2. When you go on a sales visit or are with a prospect on the shop floor, act as though you are a consultant rather than a sales person. Have the attitude that you will “Help” the prospect instead of “Selling” to the prospect.
      3. What do you do to build up rapport between yourself and your clients?
      4. Concentrate on identifying your prospect’s wants/needs first and then present your product/service against these needs. Package your product in light of what the prospect wants.
      5. Prospects only purchase something because they WANT it. They might NEED it but not actually want it. You never really need a bag of chips but you certainly want them at times!
      6. Are you qualifying your prospects in the right way? How many of your presentations are a waste of time because you have not qualified the prospect properly?
      7. Be flexible. Tailor your approach based upon the person to whom you are selling to. Ask yourself “If I were this person, what sort of approach would work best with me?”
      8. Ask both closed and open questions – a good question is one that progresses your discussion with the prospect whether it is closed or open.
      9. Be comfortable with silence – the next one to speak loses!
      10. Listen to your prospects and never interrupt them.
      11. Take notice of your body language – what silent signals are you giving to your prospect.
      12. Learn to read body language like a pro, it will boost your chances
      13. Prepare answers to objections in advance but never say them as though you have memorised them
      14. Be friendly, be nice and take a general interest in helping your prospect
      15. Make your prospect feel important without being cheesy at the same time
      16. View closing as “Taking the next steps” and not actually “Closing”
      17. Improve your knowledge of your product or service
      18. Believe in yourself and your offering
      19. Understand what your competition offers – “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!”
      20. Improve and hone your skills in a consistent basis
      21. Every buying decision is an emotional one – what are you doing to appeal to your prospect’s emotions?
      22. What added value can you offer your prospect?
      23. How can you exceed your prospect’s expectations?
      24. What is your product/service’s USP? (Unique Selling Proposition)
      25. How can you use your current clients to your advantage? Testimonials? Case Studies? Etc
      26. Lose the formalities. Talk to your prospect as though you are speaking with a friend
      27. Do not put pressure on yourself. Enjoy each selling opportunity and view them as a fresh challenge
      28. Manage your diary effectively. If you struggle with this, get some training or coaching. What can you do to create additional 60 minutes worth of productivity each day?
      29. Tape yourself on the telephone and hear what you sound like to your prospects
      30. Improve your telephone voice
      31. Get yourself a sales mentor to bounce ideas off
      32. What additional products/services can you can offer at the point of purchase?
      33. Manage your first impressions impressively. Take time to think through what you are going to say and how you are going to say it
      34. Make sure you are talking to the decision maker
      35. Involve your prospects throughout the whole sales process
      36. Do not interrogate your prospects with question after question
      37. What can you do to make buying from you easier?
      38. Stress the benefits of your product/service. Answer the “What’s in it for me?” question
      39. Set yourself challenging yet attainable sales targets
      40. Develop a positive mental attitude
      41. Don’t show your “price” too early. Build up the value and the benefits first.
      42. A product or service is purchased for one of two reasons. 1. To avoid pain or 2. To gain pleasure. Prospects will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.
      43. When was the last time you went on a sales training course? Book yourself on a course today.
      44. Keep up to date with the latest industry trends and news for your products and services
      45. Never forget to follow up with your prospects for after sales service
      46. Become better at networking at events, shows and conferences. Don’t just give out your business card but instead, build and make relationships.
      47. View cold calls as “Making the caller aware” of your products and services rather than a sales or lead activity
      48. Learn about customer service principles and add them into your overall presentations
      49. Don’t forget to ask for the sale!
      50. Enjoy yourself!
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