50 of the Best Headlines to Hook People In

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1. How to…

Example: How to get more leads in one week


2. Who else wants…

Example: Who else wants to know the latest trick to…


3. Do you want…

Example: Do you want to know how to save £100 by tomorrow?


4. Don’t do X unless…

Example: Don’t do X unless you want Y to happen


5. How to do XXX even if…

Example: How to do this even if you are short on [time and money]


6. [number] ways to…

Example: 10 ways to gain more sales


7. [number] top tips for…

Example: 10 top tips for busy salespeople


8. Imagine this…

Example: Imagine, you can hit your monthly target in a week by doing this…


9. People noticed by doing this…

Example: People noticed by doing X, they were 75% more likely to succeed


10. Time

Example: In a day you can…In just 10 minutes a day


11. Money

Example: For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can…


12. Effort

Example: Without any extra time you can…


13. How to get a [result] with…

Example: How to grow your followers without paying for premium


14. Which is better? [A] or [B]

Example: Which is better for lead generation? Telesales or LinkedIn?


15. When [this] happens, you can try [this]

Example: When a client says ‘I’ll think about it’ why not try saying this…   


16. 100% best way to do [this] is [this]

Example: 100% best way to get the most out of your staff is too…


17. How up to date is your…

Example: How up to date is your sales training?


18. Top [number] mistakes most [job title] make

Example: Top 10 mistakes most managers make are


19. The top inside tips for…

Example: The top inside tips for successful managers


20. How to think like [this] and get [that]

Example: How to think like a servant leader and get the best results from your team


21. How I got from [this] to [this] in [time]

Example: How I grew from 500 followers to 10,000 in a year


22. The ultimate guide to…

Example: The ultimate guide to leading a team


23. How to make [X] easier

Example: How to make sales easier


24. Improve [this] fast by following this process

Example: Improve your leadership skills fast by following this process


25. How to avoid [issue]

Example: How to avoid gatekeepers hanging up on you


26. Why most people are wrong about [this]

Example: Why most people are wrong about telesales


27. Let me send you [item] for FREE

Example: Let me send you 500 sales resources for FREE


28. Epic [something] fails and how to avoid them

Example: Epic sales fails and how to avoid them


29. How to impress

Example: How to impress a client in the first 5 minutes


30. Answers to your toughest [subject] questions

Example: Answers to your toughest sales questions


31. How to end [bad habit]

Example: How to end wasting too much time on social media


32. How to solve [problem]

Example: How to solve your sales performance problems


33. Warning! Reading this will…

Example: Warning! Reading this will dramatically increase sales success


34. Our favourite way to do [this]

Example: Our favourite way to use storytelling in sales


35. Our opinion on [this]

Example: Our opinion on the importance of customer service


36. Do you think this is the end of [subject]?

Example: Do you think this is the end of telesales?


37. What type of [something] are you?

Example: What type of manager are you?


38. I love [this] it really helps me…

Example: I love XXX it really helps me produce amazing leads


39. Do you make these mistakes when [action]

Example: Do you make these mistakes when selling?


40. The [number] best ways to [X] without [X]

Example: The 10 best ways to manage a team without micromanaging


41. [Number] of the best [something] you’ll use

Example: 10 of the best sales techniques you’ll use


42. The easiest way to [achievement] in [time]                       

Example: The easiest way to reach your targets in a short time


43. The guaranteed method for dealing with [X]

Example: The guaranteed method for dealing with objections


44. [Process] – made easy

Example: Motivating your employees – made easy


45. How I [accomplished] [something]

Example: How I booked 100 meetings in one month


46. Want to [do something] – Read this…

Example: Want to learn new leadership skills? – Read this…


47. The blog every [job title] needs to read

Example: The blog every sales manager needs to read


48. Save [time/money] with the following…

Example: Save time with the following time management apps


49. Why you may be struggling to [get result]

Example: Why you may be struggling to improve sales performance


50. Turn a [something] into a [something]

Example: Turn an old client into a current lead


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