5 Top Tips for Closing More Sales

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Business growth relies on sales. Getting a prospect to agree to a deal is there for vital to business success. However, getting to that ‘yes’ takes a lot of patience, persistence, and hard work. Customers may often initially say no and many salespeople give up too soon. There isn’t one way to close a sale. Based on your approach and engagement with the customer, there may be a variety of different techniques you can choose from.

Here are 5 top tips to help close more sales:

1. It’s not about you, it’s about them

Make sure what you are offering is really what they need, and you are making sure to fully focus on the customer rather than the products features or closing the deal. When trying to close a sale, it’s easy to focus on what you want personally, and you may be giving the impression that you are not putting their best interests first. Making sure to always think of the customer and if this product is really right for them, will increase the likelihood of producing a sale. Remember customers will always think “WIFM” What’s In It For Me!

2. Be brave and ask questions

Asking questions to determine challenges and objections will help you better understand your customers’ needs and if they’ll benefit from what you have to offer. Not only will this technique help you pick out customers who aren’t the right fit, but it will also enable you to offer solutions that are more in line with your customers priorities and needs – which in turn will limit objections.

If your customers are making objections and showing less interest in your product, don’t be scared to ask why they may be having issues with deciding. Take the time to learn what is causing these objections and then revisit asking questions to make sure you have really uncovered their needs and issues.

3, Keep in contact

Keeping in regular contact whilst they are deciding is a smart move. You don’t have to be pushy but following up with your customers is vital, as it could just be they are waiting on extra information that could close that sale. Things change and you may have to revisit what you are offering or out it on hold until a future date. The things is unless you keep in co

ntact and ask you will never know! Also staying in contact after a sale could be beneficial as you can gain referrals and feedback that could help you close more sales with new customers in the future.

4. Keep Adding Value

Customers will always look out for companies that stand out from the crowd and by adding that little bit of extra value to your customer experience could help you close more sales. This could be by sharing extra product information in a way to help your customer decide if its really what they are looking for or sending over industry news or articles you think they may like. Adding value continuously will prove your business is customer-focused and you are there to give them the best experience possible. This is a great way to close more sales.

5. Focus

Have a plan when it comes to following up and closing sales. How many times will you contact them? What will you say? What method of contact? How long will you keep it a live contact and when will you walk away. Having the mental ability to focus on closing a sale, is vital for success. Focusing on the important factors and setting time to follow up with each client will help you determine the next step in closing the sale successfully.  Make sure to limit all distractions when talking to a potential client and make their needs top priority and focus on putting the customer first.

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