Retail Selling

Course Aim

We offer in-house training only – we do not run public courses

To develop the skills, knowledge and associated behaviours related to successfully selling in a retail sales environment. The course develops a sale from the vital first approach to a customer, building rapport, understanding customers’ needs and wants, proposing and demonstrating the solution, selling up and cross selling, closing the sale and consolidating. All this is achieved using the ethos of providing excellent customer service, to build reputation and repeat business opportunities.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why customers buy
  • Describe customers buying preferences and how to manage them
  • Demonstrate a structure for successful selling
  • Build rapport quickly and effectively
  • Describe how to match product solutions to customers’ individual needs
  • Demonstrate how to avoid and overcome customer objections in order to gain commitment to the next step
  • Detail how to close a sale effectively

Course Content

The course will include:

  • Review of your current customer service approach as an individual and within your organisation
  • Background to the FISH philosophy
  • Video – FISH
  • The four principles of FISH: play, be there, choose your attitude, make their day
  • Practical exercises on how to apply the FISH philosophy into your organisation
  • Case study review of companies who have successfully applied the FISH philosophy, and have completely turned around their customer service experience
  • FISH sticks – how to maintain the FISH culture
  • Action planning
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