LinkedIn for B2B lead generation for Atlas Copco

The Client

A global business that provides compressed air solutions; industrial compressors, gas and process compressors and expanders, air and gas treatment equipment, and air management systems. Known for innovation for sustainable productivity in the manufacturing and process industries.


Working with this client over many years. 2 recent requirements were helping the sales team switch to taking meetings virtually when the pandemic hit, as they were predominately taking meetings face to face before it.  A more recently requirement post pandemic was to help the sales team leverage LinkedIn for B2B lead generation.

The Solution

To help the sales team with hold more productive and successful virtual meetings, we ran a series of short live virtual training sessions. The first session focused on virtual meeting technical aspects (which option to hold the meeting, how to run and manage it etc) and also virtual meeting etiquette. The second session focused on how to sell virtually with particular focus on getting agreement and next steps in place.  The result was the sales team felt confident to suggest virtual meetings to all their clients. They were able to prepare before the meeting, navigate both the technical element and the sales element of the meeting and more importantly close the same % of sales virtually as they did face to face.

The LinkedIn Training sessions were split into 2 live virtual trainings. The first session checked were each personal was at present in terms of the SSI (Social Selling Index) score and connections. We then trained them on how to fully complete their profile with the ideal client in mind and how to build a successful connection strategy, to ensure they are connecting to the right people. There was then a 2 week break during which time they had actions to take. At the start of the next session, we rechecked their scores, connections and profiles to see the improvements made so far. We then went on to cover how and what to post, how to become the go to experts in their field and how to move a connection to a lead / meeting. They then were given more tasks to complete and the scores etc were checked a final time 2 weeks later to show the improvement. These sessions were so popular they are being rolled out to all the sales staff and a wider audience.

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