Delegation Training Course


Course Aim

We offer in-house training only – we do not run public courses

To enable delegates to promote all the factors which contribute to effective delegation.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:

  • Define delegation and state why it is necessary
  • List the benefits of delegation
  • Describe the barriers to delegation
  • Make decisions about what may and may not be delegated
  • Choose the right delegate for the job
  • Use delegation skills effectively and successfully
  • Describe the process of delegation
  • Apply what you have learned to your own job
  • Course Content

Course Content Includes:

  • The wrong way to delegate
  • Agreement, authority and feedback
  • Barriers to delegation
  • When to delegate
  • Choosing the right person to delegate too
  • Giving effective support
  • Keeping the task delegated
  • When the delegate makes mistakes
  • A model for effective delegation
  • Delegation case studies
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