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It is my pleasure to provide my recommendation for Mr, David Johnson on behalf of Thenamaris Ships Management Inc. As Head of the HR Department of Thenamaris, I had the opportunity to meet David to work with him on the design and delivery of a series of courses on Negotiation Skills but also to attend one of these Groups as a participant.

David is a very talented presenter that really attracted our demanding audience and gained their attention and their respect. Combining his talent with substantial knowledge and significant experience on Negotiation Skills practice and training delivery, we felt that David was the ideal choice both for our “junior” audience (Basic Negotiation Skill) but also for our more demanding audience of experienced professionals, with strong functional skills, holding positions of high impact and responsibility (Advanced Negotiation Skills). The feedback that we collected from literally all participants supports the aforementioned and fully justified our decision to select David as the instructor for the specific series of trainings.

David handled very professionally all course delivery related logistics, being very helpful to the HR Team coordinating the effort, being very prompt and well prepared.
More importantly, David proactively shared with us feedback, useful insights and a very helpful list of ideas I thoughts for maximizing the effect of the specific course and for developing targeted future training / development interventions.

Mr. David Johnson is considered by Thenamaris a training partner and a preferred instructor for a wide range of Managerial / Leadership “Soft” skills trainings that require excellent communication skills and that address a very demanding, sophisticated and in many ways challenging audience.I remain at your disposal if you need further information.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventionst

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