Fear Of Cold Calling

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Sales cold calling training has always been a hot topic in any in-house sales training course and one key reason is that there is an inherent fear of cold calling for many business development professionals.

The most effective cold callers plan and have a great attitude.

They plan what they are going to say and they have a clear plan for what outcome they want from the call. What they tend to avoid is sending a brochure in the post and then following it up with a “did you receive our brochure?” because this invariably falls flat and even with the most positive calling style it leaves little room for manouver.


We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

A positive and respectful attitude for the other person’s time is one of the most effective ice breakers. Couple this with a meeting request based on “I would like just 15 minutes of your time. Are you free on Wednesday at 11am?” and the results will be substantially better than a vague and unconfident request.

The aim of the call is an introduction and a request for a meeting so the plan should not deviate from this. There are of course many other methods and techniques that go into the perfect cold call and we recommend all business developers, account managers and outbound call centre personnel learn through a proven professional sales training course.

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