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Our approach to improving service and sales through Web Chat Training

This course is only available as in-house training – we do not run public courses. 

Improving customer service and increasing sales has never been more important for businesses.


So how do you do that and stay ahead of the competition?

You embrace the fasting growing medium customer want to communicate with – Webchat.
It is not good enough to implement a system and hope it will work. Nor is it smart to assume your exciting telesales or customer service staff will be able to seamlessly use webchat – it’s a very different skill set.

That is why Sales Training International are the leading provider of bespoke webchat training.

So what’s our process?

1. Preliminary Meeting

Firstly we hold a preliminary meeting with the key stakeholders to learn about the business and the roles and responsibilities of the Advisors. We also identify the objectives of the training – whether it is increased sales, service or NPS scores.

2. Assessment

The next step is the assessment of a sample of 25- 30 webchats, which include chats from a cross section of Advisors including top, average and poor performers. This step can be done remotely as it purely focuses on the webchats.

3. Report

After a detailed assessment of the chats, we prepare a preliminary report assessing the strengths, weakness and potential improvements that could be made. This report compares actual performance against key measures of success that have been proven to influence NPS and sales.

4. Review

We also review other factors that influence the performance of Advisors such as the role of Team Leaders, Performance Management and Chat Assessment and highlight areas that need to be reviewed.  This ensures that the Advisors are supported post training in order to achieve maximum return on investment for the client.

5. Design Phase

After meeting with the client to discuss the assessment, we move on the design phase. First of all we identify how the chats should be structured. We work with the client to create a Customer Experience Model that sets out what a great chat should look like. Once this has been agreed, we then go on to create a bespoke training programme that includes training for Advisors and Team Leaders and Quality Assurance (if required). We ideally like to train team leaders first. This enables them to support the Advisors post training and ensures that results continued to accrue.

The training includes techniques drawn from the latest research in social psychology, behavioural science and transactional analysis. It is simple yet powerful and the feedback from Advisors and Team Leaders is resoundingly upbeat and positive.

To supplement the training we do not give the Advisors folders of notes they will not read – we give them a set of Smart Cards. They are usually A5 sized, printed on card and designed to be a quick reference guide to the techniques they have learned. They can also be used as basis for coaching and feedback by the Team Leader. A Chat Assessment Tool is developed at this point so that chats can be assessed objectively by Team Leaders and Quality Assurance against the Customer Experience Model.

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How We Deliver Our Course

Training can be held remotely or face to face.

We can also offer one to one webchat coaching after the training. This works extremely well with webchat as it is possible to see the chats on the Advisor’s screen and give immediate feedback. This stage creates a real buzz and the Advisors enjoy applying the tools and techniques they have learned.

This coaching and feedback stage is key to ensuring that the training transfers immediately to the workplace. We also engage the Team leaders in this process, so that that can continue to drive performance moving forward.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

Our Approach To Webchat

Our approach has yielded many positive results for clients – immediate increases in sales and NPS as well is top industry awards for customer service. Many of our customers keep on coming back year after year to train new staff and refresh the existing team with new ideas and techniques.

If you’re looking for an experienced team of international web chat trainers, we are here for you. Our trusted team can work with you to develop a truly effective and rewarding web chat training course to suit your company’s needs.

Web Chat Course Outline


This course will take agents through the soft skills and associated behaviours needed to be an effective webchat agent. It can be run as one full session or split over various days.


By the end of the full course participants will be able to:

  • Explain importance of the Customer Experience Model as a structure for web chats.
  • Manage multiple chats for when it gets busier.
  • Structure an effective web chat using a combination of predefined and personalised responses.
  • Demonstrate the correct grammar to use during webchats.
  • List the 6 basic drivers that make customers responsive via web chat.
  • Demonstrate how to build rapport quickly – building a “human” relationship with a wide variety of customers, using psychological “short cuts” when using web chat.
  • Demonstrate effective questioning and interpretation skills.
  • Increase customer satisfaction (via NPS or other measures) using web chat.
  • Identifying clear need using webchat.
  • Present solutions via webchat.
  • Handle objections via webchat.
  • Explain the key principles behind each of the Smart Cards we will introduce.
  • Describe how the principles can be applied in their chats.
  • Demonstrate effective use of the skills described in the Smart Cards.
  • End a web chat positively with a clear action.
  • Hand to different channels seamlessly and without call loss, if required.
  • Overview of principles of webchat
  • Introduction to and overview of the Customer Experience Model
  • Webchat structure
  • Building the customer experience using webchat
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and sales levels via webchat
  • Why the first 9 seconds are so important
  • Building rapport via webchat
  • The 6 basic drivers – scarcity, reciprocity, consistency, authority, liking and social proof
  • The key elements of introduction:

o          Being ready

o          Welcoming every customer

o          Matching the customer’s style and pace

  • Common mistakes with grammar, spelling and emojis – You’re welcome!
  • Establishing customer needs:

o          Training the customer to say “Yes”

o          Using questions to develop and manage a web chat

o          Uncover customer motivations

o          Left Brain questions

o          Mind the gap!

o          Using a label

o          Summarising

  • The principles of presenting options and solutions:

o          The power of because

o          Feature and benefits

o          Reciprocity

o          Just “For you”

o          Explaining how you can help

o          Using neutral Language

o          Words and phrases that kill a webchat

o          Matching solutions to customers’ needs

o          When to present the solution and what to present

o          Checking the customer is happy

  • Agreeing the next steps:

o          Handling customers’ doubts / objections

o          Asking for commitment

o          Signposting the next steps clearly

o          Offering a personal close

  • How to hand over to a different channel eg telephone / email
  • Ending the web chat positively with clear next steps

Managing numerous webchats at the same time

Webchat Clients We Have Worked With:

Web Chat Training

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