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Many businesses know the potential of telesales yet many still lose business worth millions of pounds every year by mishandling telephone calls. The days when business owners, directors and managers just put someone on the telephone to sell something or get appointments are long gone. The customer is far more sophisticated today, demands are even greater on our time and many people are trying to get through to decision makers.

This means that in order to win more business through the telephone you will need to have:

• Professionalism
• An excellent knowledge of your products and services
• An awareness of your customer’s needs and wants
• Superb skills in managing communications
• The ability to build rapport quickly and effectively
• Persistence

This course aims to enable participants who receive incoming telephone calls from customers and make outgoing sales calls, to deliver the highest standards of service, whilst maximising all potential sales opportunities whether explicit or implied. A basic introduction to negotiation skills over the telephone.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

• Explain the importance of effective communication via the telephone
• Describe the different levels of customer interaction
• Demonstrate active listening skills
• Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to what the customer is saying
• Explain the different elements of effective communication
• List what types of questions obtain the best information and which types of questions to avoid
• Explain the components of Telephone Etiquette
• List the Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with customers over the telephone
• Construct a ‘personalised script’ within a successful formula for dealing with inbound calls
• Describe the Four People Factors in relation to customers’ buying behaviours
• List the AIDA process and how it adds value to a Telesales call
• Establish their own structure for a Telesales call using all stages from opening the call to closing the call
• Introduce and use a sales framework
• Explain products and services in a meaningful manner
• Demonstrate how to overcome objections and deal with difficult calls
• Describe how to gain customers’ commitment
• Explain how to utilise the negotiation process to effect a win/win outcome over the telephone

Course Content

A sample of what is covered includes:

  • What is telephone selling?
  • Why has it grown?
  • Where does telephone fit into your business?
  • How can telephone sales be used?
  • Benefits of using the telephone as a sales and marketing tool
  • Disadvantages of using the telephone as a marketing tool
  • How do you feel about the telephone?
  • What do people want from us on the telephone?
  • Words to Avoid with Customers
  • Words to Use with Customers
  • Planning to be Successful
  • Effective Communication over the telephone
  • Language and Meaning
  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Inbound Call Structure
  • What customers want when we contact them?
  • Answering the Phone
  • Telephone Service Standards
  • Creating the Right Impression
  • Testing your Telephone Etiquette


  • The Outbound Sales Call
  • Opening the Call Effectively
  • The Sales Process
  • Why people Buy
  • Interacting with people on the right level
  • Buying Signals
  • When Things go Wrong
  • Assertiveness in Telesales
  • After sales Service
  • Staying Positive

…plus so much more!

Telesales Training Courses

Telesales training, in particular our telephone selling course, is the ideal way to train up your team to deliver the highest standards of service, whilst maximising all potential sales opportunities.

Suitable for inbound sales and outbound sales alike, our telesales training will actively equip your employees with the knowledge, skills and expertise to effectively sell to customers over the phone.

The above course outline will give you a good idea of the content of our available telesales training courses, and of course, how this content can and will benefit your team.

For further information regarding our telesales training courses, or to enquire about booking telesales training for your company, please call us today on 0845 8901 701 or alternatively, complete our online contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your enquiry. 


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