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Simon McCarrick is Training Consultant with over 15 years Learning & Development and Sales experience. His main experience is through the Telecommunications Industry and the Motor Trade, however he does work with a wide range of industries.

Simon has a certificate in CIPD Level 3 and level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Development and Management as well as Coaching Excellence.

Simon is an associate of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and is also a Course Tutor for levels 3 and 5 HRD /L&D. This involves Simon running workshops, online webinars and assessment to assist learners through their professional qualifications.

Simon has a passion for delivering dynamic, fun and energetic training that demonstrates Accelerated Learning. This ensures that learning is fun but also professional meaning the main focus stays on the learning objectives.

Recently Simon has been the lead Sales and CRM trainer with Bentley Motors, this included managing the role out of a new CRM and Sales proposition.
For this role out Simon demonstrated the full Training Cycle, not only evaluating who and where training was needed, but also organising this to take place globally.
Simon designed the Sales and CRM training using blended solutions such as digital on line learning (which needed to be translated into 5 different languages, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and German) classroom training and side by side coaching.

This meant Simon travelling across the world to such places as Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Indonesia to identify the training needs and then role out the training. In some cases a translator was required for the classroom training.
Simon has now began the process of evaluating the results, which shows an increase in CRM usage along with Bentley vehicle sales across all areas of the globe.

Simon specialises in delivering training courses with a “twist” with titles and subjects such as:

  • The 4 minute mile – Achieve the Unachievable – focusses on breaking down barriers and achieving goals through positive thinking and setting strategic goals.
  • Are these your shoes? – Understanding sympathy, empathy and encouraging positive and ethical negotiation.
  • The Sales Bible – All things sales related. Techniques of Opening, Questioning, Building Relationships, Overcoming Objectives, Close.
  • Business Growth – All things sales related plus account management and cultural differences.
  • Making A Difference – Focussing on all the ‘extra’ actions that can be done to improve the customer experience. – Going beyond expectations.
  • Live Telephone Selling – Discussing sales challenges and implementing ways to break down the barriers including 2 live calls power hours to demonstrate skills and coaching from the trainer.
  • Leading A Brighter Business – Management Development ensuring consistency through the organisation. Alignment to the company strategy and values.

Other specialist areas include:

  • Time Management
  • High Impact Presentations
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Human Resource Development
  • Digital e-Learn design
  • Train the Trainer
  • On-Boarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Interviews and Assessment

Simons Clients Include:

British Telecom, TalkTalk, Wipro – India, Transcom – Philippines, O2 – UK and India, Irancell – Iran DPG, CIPD, – UK, Techno – UK, Bentley – UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Indonesia and Europe. Optima – UK, Actus Ltd – UK.

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