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Six Sigma

More and more clients are now asking for a return on investment from training. This is a very difficult thing to promise, as unless we can observe and measure a person or result before the training and then return after the training (making sure everything is done as we trained) and then re observing / measuring, how can offer an accurate answer?

When you invest in Lean Six Sigma Training, you will be guaranteed a return on investment!

In 1986 when six sigma was introduced, it was designed to be used in manufacturing, indeed many people still think that is its only use – not so….

Six Sigma has been our most popular training course for the past 3 years. Our clients have ranged from banks, airports, retail, telecoms, service and government, logistics, strangely no manufacturing!

The range of people who come on the training is wide from IT, HR, sales, service, management, operations etc. That’s the beauty of the subject, what your job role or level is doesn’t matter, it’s all about learning the tools and applying them to what you do.

The reason we are able to guarantee an ROI, is after the training you have to complete an on the job project ensuring you use all the tools covered in the training and making a cost saving of between £10,000 and £50,000 – depending on if it is yellow or green belt.

We mentor each person trough the project stage and therefore can give a 100% accurate cost-saving at the end of each project.

For the various companies we have worked with over the past 3 years these cost savings have ranged from £150,000 – £2,000,000+

How many training courses give you an international qualification and a guaranteed ROI (often 500% more than the cost of the training!)

Maybe as we move forward six sigma is the one course every single employee should take?

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