Social Selling Through Linkedin


Most sales training courses now tell of how social selling removes cold calling from the sales equation and uses social networks for true engagement at the start of the sales funnel process.

But how do you really begin the sales process rather than just use Linkedin for researching sales prospects?

The answer lies in the premis of ‘little and often’. If you believe that social selling is all about quick wins then you might want to look elsewhere. Social selling is about medium to long term prospect engagement, gradually enticing them into your sales web of added value solutions.

So how is it done. Well firstly you need to engage on an emotional level. Anyone, anywhere can retweet what others have already posted. The trick in social selling techniques is to help the sales prospects to get to know the real you. The detail in your products and services (which you’ll find your competitors pushing) is superfluous to the emotional bond you can strike which will form 95% of the sales conversion.

Think little and often. Remaining front of mind by consistently publishing snippets of added value information in your status update, your company page and through Linkedin Groups will ensure you are almost omnipresent and there when the next tender, bid or sales opportunity arises.

Social selling is also about giving away value for free. Not only will you have engaged emotionally, allowed prospective buyers into your world but you will have shown that you are in this to develop a two-way relationship with them, not just selling to them.

Remember the rule of thirds when social selling: one third of content you publish is about you, one third signposting to interesting third party content and then you have bought the luxury of the final third: the sales message.

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