Sales Training for MBA Mission

The Client

MBA admissions are a consulting firm helping aspiring business school applicants secure a place in their chosen business school. Ranked number 1 on GMAT club and with over 1000 5 star reviews they are industry leaders in their field.


MBA Mission have various consultants, who as part of the process offer an initial free 30-minute consultation. This team, whilst experts in the MBA process and various school have never received any sales training. The company would like them to have a more standard bespoke process for pre consultation prep, how the consultation should be run and most importantly follow up to convert to clients.

The Solution

We started by listening in to a large sample of consultations to assess their current level / situation. We also reviewed follow up emails etc. We then wrote a 2-stage training program covering: pre call prep and the consultation call and the second session covering the proposal writing and follow up. These were delivered with a gap in between to allow for time to implement some of the learning and report back. Everyone reported they had changed several things they had been doing and all had seen an improvement in the structure of their calls and success of follow up with conversion to clients.

Client Testimonial

“We hired STI Ltd to do some sales training with our team of consultants and within 30 minutes of the training, I could see the light bulbs turning on for everyone. They undertook a lot of homework on our team prior to our training and tailored our sessions specifically for what we do. It was incredibly insightful while also being very digestible. The trainer gave our team a lot of new techniques to try during and after their free consultation calls, and we are already seeing the results! Thank you!”

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