Lead Generation for Greenergy

The Client

A global energy company, who supply low emission diesel. Greenergy sells fuel to petrol stations and supermarkets for retail sale, and to transport companies and other businesses.

They have expanded from niche environmental products to supply mainstream petrol and diesel to a much wider market. They focus on minimising the environmental impact of their activities and biofuel supply.


Greenergy’s sales team in Canada needed help to create more leads,  convert more business and reassess the structure of the sales team – along with ensure a clear sales process was put in place.

The Solution

We started by meeting both the sales team and country business leaders, along with each member of the sales team, to assess current practices, any issues they may be facing and any ideas they had and to also familiarise ourselves with products, processes etc.  Then we produced a sales process linked to behavioural competencies for the team to follow. Once the sales process and competencies were launched, we embarked on a series of 8 short sales training live virtual sessions – covering every stage of their new process from customer profiling, to pipeline building through the sales process, to negotiation, after sales and social selling. In between each session each sales person had one to one coaching with the trainer, to ensure the behaviours were put into practice in their role.  By the end of the process we were able to advise the client on a restructure of the sales teams to make better use of the talent. All staff found their niche in the best role for them and the whole team were now following one process for selling – which in turn resulted in a good % of new business won, be recent comparison.

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