Emotional Intelligence Audit

£5.00 (ex VAT)

This is the first tool of its kind. This audit tool allows managers the opportunity to carry out a competency-based audit on the key Emotional Intelligence Indicators.

Areas of benefit:

  • Establishing minimum EI Standards
  • Focusing training
  • Identifying areas of organisational weakness/risk
  • Gaining advantage through EI
  • Individual or team development
  • As part of a strategic risk analysis
  • Acquisitions


An increasing body of research shows that EI is linked to performance – therefore establishing where you are now is a critical factor to maximising your human resource and at the same time gaining a competitive advantage.

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful and potentially a way of getting a competitive advantage. Its great advantage is very much in the service industry, face to face or in call centres.
Each questionnaire allows the CEO / manager/ supervisor/team leader to carry out an audit of up to 7 people per questionnaire.

Optional The results can then be sent to our team of psychologists who are experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence. They will prepare a full diagnostic analysis and recommendations on the audit result of your team detailing where you are at present and what actions are required to improve performance. This optional report costs an additional £250 + VAT. Contact us to order the report.

This questionnaire and the subsequent report are highly recommended for Team Leaders or Managers who want to assess their teams to maximise performance and gain a competitive advantage.

This is self-administered. The results are then analysed by our psychologists.

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