Open / Public Lean Six Sigma Certification

Open / Public Lean Six Sigma Certification

At Sales Training, we are extremely proud to announce that we’re ready to launch our very first public Lean Six Sigma Training Course! Similar in style and content to our in-house Lean Six Sigma Certifications, these open / public courses are perfect for both individuals and company management teams.

Whether you’re looking to develop your own Six Sigma skills, or you believe your business could benefit from an effectively-mentored management team, we are here for you. Our Virtual Training Lean Six Sigma courses are ideal for learning new skills and understanding new tools and methods of viewing a business.

For more information, or to book a place on our upcoming remote six sigma training course, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Public Six Sigma Training Course Costs:

Please note, the cost of this course includes everything you’ll need to succeed and become certified. This includes all training, access to self-study materials, full mentoring, and eventual certification.

  • £895 per Person
  • £850 per Person for 2 Bookings
  • £795 per Person for 3 Bookings or More

*Cost is Exclusive of VAT*

A Completely Different Six Sigma Course

Our team of dedicated six sigma mentors are committed to delivering a truly beneficial training course. We are proud to say our online course is completely different to any other six sigma training you will find. How? We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible training, supported by specialist mentors with many years’ experience.

Just some of the benefits of our Public / Open Six Sigma training for individuals and businesses include:

  • We do not offer a quick day of reading and answering multiple choice questions and then say – “great you are good to go!” Here at Sales Training, we’re all about practical use and implementation. You’ll finish our course with the knowledge, confidence and support necessary to implement real changes in your business.
  • We start by offering a mix of live training sessions with practical exercises in between each session
  • Our online training course will be spaced over 8 days. Just one hour a day, supported by practical exercises to help you make the most out of the course.
  • At the end of the training and exam – we will then start your live project.
  • This is 6-8 weeks of having one to one coaching / mentoring to ensure you are using all the tools correctly and making the relevant savings required for yellow belt certification (£10,000).
  • At the end of the project, once we are happy with your progress on the training and the project, we will certify you.
  • This is an internationally-recognised, professional qualification.

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    Public Course Schedule:

    • 5 x 1-Hour Live Training Sessions
    • Practical Self-Study
    • 3 x 1-Hour One-to-One Coaching Sessions Throughout the Live Project

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    Session 1:

    • History of Lean & Six Sigma
    • The Importance of Continuous Improvement
    • Business Processes & Systems
    • The 5 Lean Principles
    • DMAIC – Understanding a Structured Approach
    • Defining Workplace Activities
    • The Voice of the Customer in Your Business
    • Problem Statements

    Session 1 Self Study:

    • Creation of Work-Based Improvement & Problem Statements

    Session 2:

    • Understanding SIPOC
    • As-Is Mapping
    • Measurements Analyses
    • Variations for Businesses & Systems

    Session 2 Self Study:

    • Run Charts & Process Maps

    Session 3:

    • Pareto Analysis: What Is It & How Can It Benefit Your Business?
    • Cause Mapping
    • Understanding the 5 Whys (5Y)
    • Fishbone Analysis

    Session 3 Self Study:

    • Worked Examples of Tools, including Pareto Analysis & Fishbone Analysis

    Session 4:

    • Waste & Non-Value Added Analysis
    • Understanding & Selecting Solutions
    • To-Be Process Mapping

    Session 4 Self Study:

    • Waste & Non-Value Added Analysis & Understanding

    Session 5:

    • The Control Phase
    • Project Initiation – Building Your Project for Certification

    Session 2 Self Study:

    • Run Charts & Process Maps

    Live Project:

    Once you’ve completed the 5 sessions, you have 6-8 weeks to agree, and work, on a live project.

    The same trainer you’ve worked with throughout the course will remain your coach and mentor through this practical Six Sigma process. Our experienced team will ensure that you are using the various tools in your Six Sigma arsenal to make the £10,000 saving for Yellow Belt certification.

    Final Certification:

    Once you’ve completed our Open / Public Six Sigma Course, you’ll be left with an internationally-recognised certification which can be implemented in any business, in any industry. Our courses are all CPD Certified, meaning you’ll be able to transfer your qualifications to any country in the world.

    Your certification cost is included in the total course cost, meaning you don’t need to pay any extra to complete the course. For more information on our CPD-recognised and certified Six Sigma training courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

    Why Study with Sales Training International?

    You’re probably wondering what sets us apart from the other Sigma training providers?

    At Sales Training International, we are the only company offering a fully-blended and comprehensive Six Sigma training course in practical, understandable sessions.

    We have proved, time and again, that our course structures are the best way to virtually learn and retain the information you need to practice Lean Six Sigma in the workplace.

    We will provide you with a professional Lean Six Sigma trainer and coach to guide you through the full Lean Yellow Belt training and certification. The same coach will work with you to ensure that you select and deliver an improvement project that will deliver financial benefits and utilise all the tools. Following successful delivery of the project our coach will issue a Yellow Belt Certificate.

    Our courses are comprehensive so that you gain a proven ability to have the skills and confidence to deliver improvements into any business.

    We believe the gain from learning is the practical application during the live project which in turn leads to improvement delivery.

    Our tutor-led, Virtual Classroom Training courses enjoy all of the benefits of our face to face training courses with the added convenience of not having to leave your home or place of work.

    The progressive learning structure will give you time to reflect, apply and increase learning.

    The course is highly engaging and interactive with:

    • Pre Course Engagement
    • Screensharing PowerPoint Slides and Course Materials
    • Interactive Question Sessions
    • Interactive Group Sessions
    • Whiteboard Interactive Sessions
    • Short Video Clips
    • Remote Activities Between Sessions
    • Remote Support for Projects

    Next Course Date:

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      If you’re looking to book your place on our next Yellow Belt Six Sigma Course, don’t hesitate! Places are limited, and our next course starts on January 18th, 2021, with 1-hour live classes on:

      January: 18th / 20th / 22nd / 25th / 27st

      Project to be Completed by February 24th.

      Whether you’re ready to book your place, a place for your management team, or you’re looking for more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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        We will store the information you provide in this form in accordance with our privacy policy Here