Facilitation Skills


Course Aim

Facilitation skills help organise and structure a team. Facilitation skills are arguably one of the best skills that a leader of an organisation can have. After all, without everyone working as team how can you expect to be successful? We help leaders and sales people identify core skills that are required for successful facilitation.

Our course includes teaching valuable leadership skills such as listening skills and understanding the psychology of group discussion. These skills can result in a more cohesive team and everyone working in sync towards the same ambition.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • How to describe the basics of conducting a formal, effective meetings and conversations.
  • How to list various company roles to run an effecting meeting or conversation.
  • How to show the benefits of group communication in a work environment.
  • How to Identify the core skills needed for facilitation
  • How to explain group dynamics
  • How to encourage group conversations
  • How to Chair a meeting using these skills and techniques you have developed

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

Course Content

The course will include:

Effective Meetings and Discussions – Roles, Structure and Process

What is Facilitation & When are Facilitators Needed?

Group Dynamics

  • The cycle of group development
  • Diagnosing the development of a group
  • Dealing with group conflict
  • Dealing with individual behavior
  • Group size and participation

Meeting Skills

  • Chairing meetings
  • Managing communication
  • Managing debates
  • Handling arguments
  • Picking up on body language
  • Including quieter members
  • Controlling more vocal members
  • Ensuring key points are heard
  • Creating group participation
  • Verbal & non-verbal messages
  • Active listening
  • Feedback skills

Facilitator Skills

  • Rapport building
  • Establishing and retaining control
  • Staying ahead
  • Importance of feedback
  • Communication style
  • Increasing personal impact and creditability
  • Maximising verbal and visual communication skills
  • Tools & techniques
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