Delivering World Class Customer Service


Course Aim

Our course aim is to provide trainees with excellent customers service skills and provide a customer service that goes beyound customer expectations.

This programme is suitable for delegates within a work place at all levels, this course is designed to improve communication within a work place. Understanding communication in a work place is important to to customer service and failing to produce a high level of customer service can leave many customers feeling neglected. We also offer training for more challenging customers in a professional and effective manner.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and their impact on delivering world class service
  • Explain how to recognise what customers expect in terms of customer service and the implications to all involved if that standard is not met
  • Demonstrate how to handle challenging customers
  • Describe how to deal with complaint in a professional manner


Course content includes:

  • What is customer care
  • Reactive v proactive customer care
  • Identifying our customers expectations
  • Internal and external customers
  • Creating magic moments
  • Moments of truth
  • Communication skills – questioning, listening, what words to use, tone etc.
  • Attitudes and their impact
  • Delivering world class service
  • Identifying customer needs
  • How to deal with complaints
  • Handling challenging customers
  • Developing assertive behaviour
  • Putting customer care into practice
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