Cross Cultural Training Courses


We offer in-house training only – we do not run public courses

As more and more companies now do business internationally, it is vitally important you understand how to deal with colleagues, clients and suppliers from different cultures. Below is a list of the wide range of subjects that can be studied individually or grouped together to form a complete cross-cultural skills training course. If you prefer, you can also combine these courses with subjects from other sections to create the perfect training course to suit your business’ needs..

All of our training and development courses are designed specifically to suit the individual needs of your business. As such, the information included within these pages will enable you to assess your initial requirements. We will write a cross-cultural course bespoke to your company’s individual requirements. As all of our trainers work internationally and many speak several languages, you can be sure you have the right trainer. Our trainers have experience in dealing with businesses across the world, meaning we have the subject and country knowledge to deliver your training course

The Benefits of Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

Cross-cultural communication skills are essential to break down communication barriers and build trust within a workplace, if you have a diverse workforce, or you are preparing to work internationally, a cross-cultural training course could help you prepare yourself and your business to communicate and integrate a foreign workplace into your business. Whether you’re integrating, or simply working alongside employees from another culture, our cross-cultural communication courses are here for you. If you’re looking to build trust and break down the communication barriers between workforces, these cross-cultural courses are perfect for you.

About our Cross-Cultural Training Course

We believe that information is power and, if you’re well prepared, we know that even the most unexpected questions become easier to answer. We aim to give all our students the ability to endure almost anything in business.

This course will benefit you if you’re working with a multi-cultural workforce, preparing to go aboard to do businesses with other organisations or even expecting some guests from another country. Sales Training International has designed a course to help anticipate what might occur ahead of the conversation such as how it feels and what to do.

In our training course, we address these points and how you can prepare for the unexpected.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventions

Cross Cultural Training Courses

The following cross cultural courses are available:

  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Customer Service across Cultures
  • Dealing With The …… (single cultural programme focussing on one culture at a time ie dealing with the French, Spanish, Germans, etc)
  • Kiss, Bow Or Shake Hands
  • Leading an International Organisation
  • Managing a Multicultural Team
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Selling / Consultancy Skills in a Multicultural Environment
  • Cross Cultural Working
  • Project Management

For further information on any of the courses listed above please call one of our advisors on – +44 (0) 1704 889325* or click here to enquire about our cross cultural training.

Cross Cultural Training Courses
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