Closing A Sale

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You have prospected, tendered, pitched, presented and developed a good relationship with your contact but the deal clincher is how best do you close a sale.

There are many proven techniques for closing a sale, some traditional and some evolutionary. But each has at its core one fundamental principle and that is mutual value.

When closing sales it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking about yourself. You need the revenue, you need the profit and your sales director has been pushing you for results. But at the point of closure you must remember that for sustainable sales relationships one of the best methods to close a sale is to match the value of that transaction to you with the value your customer will be taking from the engagement.

By closing the sale with features and benefits in mind it’s very easy to forget the prime reason the customer purchased was because they like you. It sounds like that came from the desk of the tactical marketing executive but research shows that up to 90% of the purchase decision making process in the mind of the customer comes from how well they feel they get on with the sales person. The word ‘feel’ is vital here. It is often a subconscious decision. In other words the customer has little or no choice in the matter. They either do or they don’t.

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Your role in this relationship, and arguably the most powerful techniques to close a sale, is help the customer to like you. It really isn’t about the features and benefits, those are just details that tick the boxes for the procurement team. So look for mutual interests, conversation and personable engagement to build faith and trust.

It’s true, the best way to close a sale is to begin at the first meeting.

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Closing A Sale
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