Please take this as a reference for excellent trainings given by Simon Lawson of Sales Training International at our company Provimi B.V.

Since June 2010, we have had several Negotiation Trainings, KAM Trainings and Value Selling Trainings, all performed by Simon.

He has a great way of interacting with the participants. He is very friendly, professional and has an in- depth knowledge about the subjects and the context of our company. The variance in the courses makes them very enjoyable and keeps the focus throughout the day.

We have found both Simon Lawson and Tracy Bedwell very responsive to our needs. No question is too much and service is always excellent. Therefore we will continue to use their services for our upcoming trainings in 2011.

We offer short, focused, strategic, high-value interventionst

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This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty across the world. Now more than ever, learning and development is needed to help organisations effectively navigate the challenges they are facing. As always, we are committed to providing the help and support you need in the best way we can.Find Out More.
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