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For many leaders, this year has been a massive challenge. Suddenly you are having to lead your team from home. You may not have seen any of them face to face since March. Virtual training courses, including virtual leadership training, are absolutely essential to manage your business through the COVID crisis! So here are a few tips which may help you succeed leading virtually:

Managing Performance

More vital then ever. Most likely the targets you set on people’s performance management plans has dramatically changed due to Covid.  And yet performance is now more vital then ever to the success of our companies. As a leader you need to be very aware of changing circumstances and make sure any KPI’s / targets are adjusted. SMART goals are vital, so people know what they are working towards. Regular reviews of performance are needed, as this take the pressure of end of year reviews – monthly would be ideal and if possible, online rather than by phone.


Linking into both performance management and also day to day working, feedback is so important when people are working remotely.  It can feel quite isolating when you are not having any face to face interaction, so getting regular feedback either via email, phone or on a virtual meeting is crucial to performance success and peoples wellbeing. It can be hard leading remotely and we often forget people will need even more feedback and contact when working remotely.

Virtual Coaching

Try and get into the habit of having a regular coaching session – virtually with cameras on. It can be linked to performance or just a general session to discuss current issues and ways forward. Use coaching logs and set targets which can be measured to show improvements and success.

Motivation and Engagement

There are may ways we can motivate and engage a remote team. Firstly, trust them – nothing demotivates people like not being trusted. Check in often and recognise good work. Give the responsibility. Train them so they have the skills to work successfully from home – so they know how to run virtual meetings, sell remotely, manage their time etc.  Have regular virtual team meetings and fun events and encourage them to meeting with each other ad hoc, not just at planned team meetings. Things like a team quiz, virtual awards can have a massive positive effect.

Mental Health

Something we need to think about more than ever. When working alone it can have a massive detrimental effect on people’s mental health, but what as a leader can you do to help? Well – all of the above! Checking in regularly, keeping communication open, making sure people have the skills / training and support, team fun and engagement can all have a massively positive effect.  Also think about running some training on wellbeing, resilience, mental toughness etc so people can put together a self-management plan.

For more information on how our virtual leadership training courses can help you, check out our handy course overview! To book your company’s own virtual leadership training course, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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