The 9 Laws of Rapport

The 9 Laws of Rapport

The Law of Association
If you speak to someone when they are in a good mood and excited about something, they will more than likely extend those feelings towards you.

Repeat Exposure
The old adage familiarity breeds contempt’s is not true. Research show’s the more you interact with someone the more they grow to like you!

Reciprocal Affection
We generally like people who are like us. If we hear that someone likes us or has said positive things about us, we then in turn, like them more!  Therefore, let people know you like them.

It is not true that opposites attract.  We actually like more those people who are similar to us and who have similar interests.  When speaking to someone always try to find common interests.

How you make someone feel
How someone feels about you is greatly determined by how you make them feel about themselves. Being the person who makes people feel good will go a long way toward people finding you likeable and thus worthy of establishing a relationship with.

Matching & Mirroring
Just as we tend to like someone who shares our interests, we are also subconsciously driven to like a person when they appear as we do. This means that when someone makes gestures, movements, words or phrases in a way similar to us we tend to find them more likeable.

Helping Someone
We will like someone more after doing something nice or helping them, therefore if you can get someone to do you a small favour it will generate warm feelings towards you and increase the possibility of strengthening any relationship.

We’re only human
Again contrary to popular belief we do not want to form a relationship with someone who’s perfect. We like people who are human, make mistakes and do embarrassing things. More importantly we like them more when they do make mistakes but are able to smile at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. This shows real confidence and we do like confidence in people.

Positive attitude
Have a positive mental attitude. We want to form relationships with people excited, passionate and happy about themselves and what they do.

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